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    The Jerry W Walker Colorectal Cancer Foundation in Memory of Jerry Walker who passed away of Colorectal Cancer.

    Our aim is to give financial aid to as many underprivileged Colorectal Cancer patients in the United States as possible and to give moral and emotional support to all Colorectal Cancer patients and their Caregivers.

    When Jerry was struggling with Colorectal Cancer, Neevra realized that while she could not save her husband, she could turn her pain and grief into good for others. Her chief desire was, and still is, that no one would have to experience emotional, as well as financial trauma of losing a loved one coupled with the overwhelming and draining financial devastation that any cancer diagnosis creates for most. This stress is not only directed at the spouse, partner or caregiver - it is a terrible emotional strain on the patient that can have a negative effect on their healing process.
    The Foundation therefore remains committed to aid Colorectal Cancer patients with their co-pays and offer a shoulder to cry on wherever and whenever needed.

    Please note that no medical or psychiatric advise or opinions can or will ever be given. This is not a Physician/Medical website or organization.