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  • Patient and Caregiver Stories

    My Story by Norman

    My name is Norman Humose and I am sending a message out to the world via the Jerry Walker Foundation. I was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer in October, 2014. I went through seventy (70) radiation treatments and Extensive chemo treatment. I had my surgery on January 13th, 2015 where they removed all the cancer from my body and since that surgery I have a permanent colostomy bag. And the thing that I really would like to let the world know, is to get annual checkups so that you know everything that is going on with your body. And I would like to say for those who have found out that they have colorectal cancer - it is nothing that you have to hide from your family and friends because the more people who know, the more prayers you have to help you deal with the situation. And for those who have cancer, never give up, do everything that the doctor orders you to do, all the treatments, because there is always a chance of survival. Because I am a living witness that there is always a chance to survive if you do what the doctor says. Going through this cancer, - I would like to give thanks to Ms Neevra and the Jerry Walker Foundation (that I found out about through the Cancer Society). Through Ms Neevra I gained a lot of support mentally, financially, spiritually. And through the Jerry Walker Foundation and the kindness Ms Neevra Walker showed, I got inspired to start my own Foundation, which is Living in God’s Vision Ministry. I want to give a lot a thanks to Ms Neevra Walker who (after my surgery) I went to Atlanta to meet and take to dinner to show my appreciation for the support she had given me and I just really would like to send am message out to all the cancer patients and family members to just never give up.

    Anthony's Story told by Susan:

    My Husband went to urgent care back in July of 2011 and said his stomach was hurting him very bad. They sent him home, told him he had a stomach flu. A month later he went to the Hospital Emergency Room with the same complaint. They sent him home with the same story - you have bad stomach flu. He went to his doctor and they told him not to worry. I found him another doctor and they did an upper GI and Colonoscopy. The doctor said you have a tumor in your colon & small intestines. You immediately have to have surgery as you have a tumor the size of an egg. So we went to a specialist and scheduled surgery which was done on Sept. 2011. I waited in the lobby and paced the floor for 8 hours or more waiting for the doctor to come out of surgery and tell me what was wrong with my husband. The doctor came out and said that he went thru the belly button and put several tubes and cameras, 3 on each side, in order to see how and where this cancer had spread to and pulled out a tumor the size of a grapefruit, and doctor came out of surgery to explain to me he just spent 8 hours plus removing part of his colon and the small intestines and appendix . At that time we were both blessed that the doctor said that he thinks he got all the cancer. A few months later he wanted us to see other doctors to make sure no more cancer was in his body. He sent us to several more oncologists in Arizona and no one gave us any hope. The new Diagnoses after the first surgery was that he has Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumors that spread and attach to main organs in your body. (Since that year of Sept 2011). My husband has had nonstop treatments and MRI and CT Body scans. Has to have it every three months plus Cancer Medication monthly for the rest of your life.
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    Lynn's Story: Lynn tells of strength and survivorship.

    My name is Lynn and I have a wonderful husband of 22 years and two beautiful girls ages 18 an 12. Last year on my 45th birthday, I received news that would change my life forever. After having some health issues I was scheduled for a colonoscopy on my birthday, which revealed that I had colon cancer. I had severe bleeding from the cancer and the procedure and ended up in the ER that evening. The next few weeks were a whirlwind of doctor's appointments and more tests. I had surgery to remove part of my colon with the tumor on April 17, 2014. The surgery went well and I was officially diagnosed with colon cancer stage 3 b, with one positive lymph node. I was facing 6 months of chemo to ensure that the cancer would not return. I had already made my mind up to do whatever was necessary to be able to stay here with my family and so the fight was on. I had to stop working as a caregiver for the mentally challenged as the chemo took its toll on my body. Financially, we did not know how we were going to make it with the medical expenses piling up as well as day to day expenses and me unable to work. A social worker for the cancer center where I had my treatments helped me to connect with several organizations to help with expenses, one of which was the Jerry Walker Colorectal Cancer Foundation. The support that I received and continue to receive, both emotional and financial, has been invaluable. I made it through the chemo with only a few setbacks and have returned to work part-time. I have some nerve damage and have developed arthritis which doctors believe may be a result of the treatment. I still see the oncologist on a regular basis and will have my first yearly scan in a few weeks. I am very scared that they will find something wrong and every new pain is a cause for worry. The cancer has left me with a constant fear of its return. I am however grateful that I have made it this far and every second with my family is a cherished gift. I do know that without the help from organizations like the Jerry Walker Colorectal Cancer Foundation, I wouldn't have been this successful. The stress that this disease causes emotionally, physically, and financially, is devastating. I am one of the lucky ones. I am a survivor. Click here to download Lynn's Story

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