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    Over the period of his lifetime, we all got to know Jerry as a very special person with exceptional talents. We will remember him for the humor and jokes that always seemed to be a part of his everyday living. He had this incredible ability to capture the attention of people whom he associated with. When not cracking jokes, he will be remembered for his very high level of intelligence and intense conversations about any topic that you could possibly think of. He would always have some knowledge about whatever was being discussed. To this end, reading was one of his favorite hobbies. To those who had the privilege of meeting him, he was admired for his commitment to life. When examining his life, social excellence and personal achievement could be considered to be his critical success factors.

    For the great care that he took of those of us who had the privilege of knowing him and visiting with him, we can only express our greatest appreciation and respect for his hospitality and kindness. No stone was left unturned in hosting and entertaining each and every one and, of course, making all feel completely at home.

    Jerry taught all of us that it is not enough to just live. You must live life with passion and commitment. He taught us that while you are on this earth you better have fun and appreciate the things around you. He taught us that there was always someone greater or lesser than oneself and also taught us that it is better to be humble and to treat people gently.

    In August 2003 their lives were thrown for a loop when Jerry was diagnosed with stage IV Colorectal Cancer. Jerry battled this disease and a plethora of other health issues due to colorectal cancer but still believed, and tried to live as active a life as possible. Overall he believed in a positive attitude even though it was terribly difficult at times to maintain.

    In addition to his wife, Neevra, and many loving friends, Jerry leaves behind a sister, son, daughter and 5 grandchildren.

    Jerry, your body has gone to a place we are not yet ready for.

    You’ve had to go there alone.

    But we will all join you some day, and we will be able to share the fun times together forever and ever.

    Sleep warm, Jerry Sleep tight. Sleep well.

    Surely we have missed you and will continue to do so in the days to come.

    Picture of Jerry by Betsy Kulman

    The only pictures I have of Jerry are the ones in my head.

    I picture him fixing me with those eagle-sharp blue eyes dancing – offering his opinion on his and Neevra’s latest travel spot, some new business deal brewing,

    and what exactly I should do about my thighs.

    My picture of Jerry? Tending bar on the back porch. Laughing – loudly – with friends.

    Strutting around like a poseur. Striding around like a lion. Sitting quietly, reflectively, listening.

    The pictures of Jerry in my brain are electric with energy.

    “You know what?” he asks - in that slight Virginia drawl…

    And always Neevra this and Neevra everything.

    I rarely can picture them apart.

    Jerry’s questions. Jerry’s curiosity.

    Jerry’s wonder at everything in his path.

    My favorite picture of Jerry did not come in death.

    It was fully drawn years ago, his vibrant life-force

    tinting all the corners.